Buy Here Pay Here

Is it right for you?

Many people get themselves in situations where their credit is not where it needs to be. You think the best or only option for you to get a vehicle is to visit a buy here pay here store.  It is an option but you need to be careful.  

The three pitfalls of a Buy Here Pay Here dealership:
-High Interest, much higher than you would pay at a bank.
-Hidden fees like admin fees, a higher price of the vehicle, auto inspection fee, delivery fee and more, watch out!
-Big Down Payment, bigger than you may.....

Sometimes the best option may be a buy here pay here establishment, However, this isn't always the case, do your due diligence and make an informed decision when you decide to shop for a car.  Negotiate the price, check for hidden fees and only sign a contract if you completely understand what you are agreeing to.  We have helped many customers and given them options they didn't know they had.                
We want what is best for you!

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This great team has many years of experience helping people get an auto loan.  But more importantly we put you on track to re-establish your credit score.


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